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Tinkerman 3-1-3-3 football manager 2015

tinkerman 3-1-3-3 football manager 2015

Using a lot of team instructions can sometimes cause confusion so I have a limited number set here. Basically the team is instructed to retain possession when possible, if forced to make clearances make them into the wider areas and generally try to attack by getting the ball out wide. This works well with the wingers and complete wing backs as they are both in wide positions to combine and create trouble. The team will also close down the opposition and play at a high tempo. Use tighter marking is also selected as I feel it gives the opposition less space is key areas.

The advantage of this formation is that it allows the selection of two strikers which is particularly useful if your squad has a number of quality strikers. As shown above the formation is quite narrow, leaving the team strong in numbers through the centre of the pitch. When attacking the wing backs push forward and provide the majority of the width. The half back drops in between the central defenders who split to almost form a back three. When defending the half back and two box to box midfielders provide reasonable protection to the back four and the two false nines drop deep which helps to stifle attacks as most of the team are usually behind the ball.

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